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Understanding the Commercial Cleaning Job Description

For resumes that include commercial cleaning jobs, please click here. Commercial cleaners are vital in customer satisfaction and growth, as well as the retention and improvement for individual staff members. They often perform most all tasks indoors but at times it can be sometimes outside with activities that include emptying outdoor waste bins, sweeping walkways and mopping floors. A commercial cleaner’s resume should highlight those key skills and abilities that are required in all areas of the businesses’ operations.

Understanding the Commercial Cleaning Job Description

Communication and detail orientation are the most important skills required for a commercial cleaning job. Detail-oriented means you are able to communicate with detail-oriented individuals and with supervisors, staff, and on a daily basis. Communication can be verbal or written. Most businesses have an effective method of communicating with their cleaners. Some businesses use computers, while others use hand-held devices such as skylights and cameras.

Understanding the Commercial Cleaning Job Description

Commercial cleaning job requirements include the ability to communicate with new employees. In order to get a new employee onboard successfully, the employer needs to understand what the new employee is expected to do and how much they will be expected to do. This could be illustrated by a description of the new employee’s responsibilities in terms of overtime hours.

Understanding the Commercial Cleaning Job Description

A commercial cleaning job description should include the maintenance of a clean work environment. This is a requirement not only for safety reasons but also because a clean workplace promotes a sense of cleanliness encourages a willingness to be proactive rather than reactive. To encourage good work ethics and to encourage good employees, it is important to keep the workplace clean. This may mean having employees perform their assigned duties in areas that are kept clean and dust free, vacuuming and mopping floors, keeping work areas organized, using chemicals and deodorizers to keep the space fresh and non-abrasive.

The job description of a mopping service employee becomes clearer when it is broken down into specific jobs. A clean, tidy work environment is a key part of any commercial cleaning job description. To avoid serious accidents and breakdowns, any machine or equipment that is used in maintaining a clean workspace should be maintained in good condition.

  • Training should be given to any new employee on the responsibilities and equipment maintenance and care each piece of equipment requires. The training should cover all aspects of commercial cleaning, from the types of cleaners to the correct methods of cleaning and sanitizing surfaces to keeping records and receipts. Every employee should be familiar with the job description and the policies that govern their use of equipment. Training in this area is especially important for larger companies that have several departments responsible for maintaining different sections of the building. Proper reporting should be done when changes occur to ensure that each department maintains proper records.

The responsibilities of the commercial cleaning staff are also included in the job description. The janitorial staff provides the service of sweeping, mopping, cleaning windows, and removing the trash in between customers’ lines. Although the duties of janitors vary from company to company, the most common tasks include mopping bathrooms, mopping floors, and changing the linens in the bathroom. Janitors are usually responsible for vacuuming floors and cleaning countertops.

Companies looking for employees need to have a deep understanding of the commercial cleaning process. To find the most productive and disruptive employees, it is important to communicate with past and current employers. Employers may want to offer on-the-job training to new employees. This will increase employee satisfaction and improve performance.